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The Path to Harmony 2 CD Pack


CD 1 has two tracks with guided meditations, leaving you for 20minutes to experience the calmness within. CD 2 has two instrumental tracks for relaxing background music.

Suzanne is an established practitioner, a therapist herself and has over 12 years experience in running a meditation group. Her soft, calming voice will guide you to experience two beautiful journeys of thirty minutes each for inner calm and your own meditation period.
The soothing music has been especially composed by Justin Scott,  to harmonise the mind, body and spirit, enabling you to become balanced and fully relaxed.


There are 2 disks to this set, one of guided meditations of approximately thirty minutes long and the other is an instrumental to enable you to do your own meditations, or have as soothing background music.

CD1                                                                              CD2

  1. Introduction                                                     The Wise Old Tree
  2. The Wise Old Tree Guided                          Lights of Eden
  3. Lights of Eden - Guided

Written by J .Scott and S. McGill.Narrated by S. McGill. Music, sounds, arrangement & production by J. Scott. www.jehandra.co.uk;  Facebook:Jehandra Holistic & Spiritual Healing