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Chakra and lava Rock Diffuer Bracelet


This bracelet has a special meaning & serves many purposes.

The word chakra means Wheel of spinning Energy. Within our bodies we have seven major energy centres; the main one we know is the solar plexus where we feel butterflies in our tummy.

Our energy field can be influenced by what is surrounding us. It can take in both good and bad energies.

There are crystals, colour and essential oils that can be used to dispel the negative energy we hold. This bracelet not only gives positive healing and balancing effects for the chakras with the right colours and crystals, but the rest of the bracelet is made up of lava stone.

Lava stone is porous and allows the use of adding drops of our favourite essential oil. It is really easy to change the scent because it wears off after about a day.


Size: Large